A short guide to St Mary Magdalene, The Holmwood, its history, graves and memorials

For a small country church St Mary Magdalene, the Holmwood, has a number of striking memorials. Discover the Prince Regent's divorce lawyer, the Victorian admiral who fell out with the vicar, the engineer of London's bridges, the Balliol Bugger, the 1970s porn star and more who have left their mark on the church and churchyard.

This short guide to St Mary Magdalene is illustrated in colour throughout with archive photographs and images taken especially for this publication.

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Friends of St Mary Magdalene

ISBN 978-0-9560766-0-2 Published 2011 28 pages; 39 illustrations (24 in colour) £5 (postage included).

 This booklet is now out of print. However a PDF can be supplied. Please email kathy.history@gmail.com