The Lost Villages: a history 

 of the Holmwoods by Kathy Atherton



Holmwood Common: a place of 'thieves, vagabonds and idlers' or 'a very paradise'?

From Stone-age hunter, medieval farmer, smuggler, horse-thief, rioting

labourer and Victorian bar-fighter to modern-day porn queen: the Lost

Villages tells the story of the villages and villagers of the Holmwood.

Meet the victims of runaway wagons and out-of-control horse-buses, the

mystery skeleton and the Great Train Robbers. Encounter the coach-

driving millionaire, the Prince Regent's divorce lawyer and Queen

Victoria's favourite sculptor. And discover the 'Holmwood Campaign' of

1912 when Holmwood hit the headlines and businesses feared for their

windows on an invasion of suffragettes.

Five years in the research, the Lost Villages traces the history of

Holmwood Common from manorial 'waste' to the National Trust and of

the road from turnpike to dual carriageway. It examines the development

of the landscape that we see today and follows the changing fortunes of

the houses, farms and communities of Blackbrook, North, Mid and South

Holmwood and of the farms and mansions running down towards Beare

Green and up the slopes of Leith Hill. Specially prepared maps and

drawings are accompanied by scores of archive photographs, portraits and

paintings never before seen in print.


ISBN 978-0-9560766-0-1 Published 2008 112 pages; 145 illustrations (50

in colour) £10.

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